The Original Standard Since 1895


American Oil & Supply Company was originally incorporated in 1895 by employees from the lubricants division of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey. When it comes to lubricants, American Oil truly is the original standard.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was the largest suspension bridge in the world when it was built in the late 1890’s. American Oil developed and supplied an advanced lubricant to protect cables of the Brooklyn Bridge and we continue to supply it today.

Thomas Edison

In the Early 1900’s, American Oil formed a partnership with Thomas Edison to help market synthetic organic chemicals. This relationship continued for two decades and included vital raw materials for the production of high explosives during World War I. And during World War II, American Oil helped develop and supply PQ Gun Oil to GIs across the Globe.

Bell Labs

After the war, American Oils developed the first non-silicone thermal grease for Bell Labs. Later we became one of the pioneers in synthetic lubricants for jet turbine engines and then diversified into hydraulic fluids, compressor fluids and also expanded in the aerospace industry.

Forward Thinking

Today we continue to evolve, adapt and innovate to bring you the best products, including Jack of All Sprays – the can that can. Our company is family owned, customer driven and forward thinking. And we look forward to serving you for all of your lubricant needs.


Our Mission

As the original standard for American Made products since 1895, we will continue to emphasize stakeholder value by developing innovative technology and focusing on relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and community.

Our Values

– Innovation – Integrity – Teamwork –
– Respect – Enthusiasm –