Jack of All Sprays

Get to Know Jack

Jack of all Sprays traces its roots back to American Oil since 1895®. American Oil developed the original Vitalife® wire rope lubricant used on the suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, where it is still used today.

Inspired by today’s advanced and improved technology, Jack of All Sprays was born. Jack lubricates, rust busts, penetrates and protects. Jack’s line of products are proven to tackle the toughest jobs. Jack of All Sprays is proudly made in America.

Jack of All Sprays

Jack of all Sprays is formulated to provide a no-drip, unrivaled performance in multiple facets of lubrication. Jack loosens rusted and stuck parts, provides durable long lasting protection against corrosion, and lubricates intricate moving parts.

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Liquid Jack

Jack of All Sprays liquid is available in: Quarts, Gallons, Five Gallons and 55 Gallons. Liquid Jack lubricates, rust busts, penetrates and protects. It leaves behind a microscopic barrier that’s dry to the touch for complete rust and oxidation protection in hot and cold environments.

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